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It is so important that we make time for our personal fitness. When we are physically fit we are mentally fit. We feel happier, we will have more energy and we will become more confident.

Lean With Lesley can be super-fast for these busy days. With a choice of 5 minute workouts to 30 minute workouts, each of these unique workouts are full body workouts that will tone and strengthen your body, increase your cardio fitness and make you happier, more energized and even more confident.

Lean With Lesley tutorials will instruct you on perfecting your form to help you to progress from beginner, intermediate or advanced. It is important to challenge our fitness levels at a safe rate to get the best possible returns.

Why You Need This

  • Dare to be FIT
  • Workout Anytime Any Place Anywhere
  • A Full Library of motivating Workouts from Fat Burn to Strength
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    Highest Quality Programs Designed by Lesley
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    Simple to do Workouts at your own pace at your own time
  • Guaranteed to Feel Healthy Strong & Fit
  • Mix up your Workouts and Challenge your Body
  • Delicious Healthy Recipes that are Easy to Prepare
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    Real Food with Nutritional Value to Your Body
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    Your own personal trainer all for less than a cup of coffee per week

What our customers are saying

You will not come across better than Lesley Giltinan

I really enjoy training with Lesley. She brings a tone of knowledge and professionalism to every workout and pushes me to achieve the best possible results. You will not come across better than Lesley Giltinan.


I will never go back to my old ways of working out

Lesley Giltinan has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to do workouts, whenever, wherever. I will never go back to my old ways of working out. I am so excited about being able to download Lesley's workouts on the new LeanWithLesley APP.


Lesley has transformed the way I see my body

Since I began training with Lesley I have seen enormous changes to my body. I feel more energized, happy and ready to take on a busy schedule. Lesley has transformed the way I see my body and my approach to living a healthy lifestyle.


What's Inside?


Each session provides a full body workout including HIIT, core strength, toning your body and increasing your flexibility


Delicious & nutritious recipes with simple and healthy ingredients that anyone can cook in 20 minutes.

Workout Programs

Programs designed by Lesley Giltinan to strengthen and improve your physical form.


Be part of a great community while training anytime anywhere.

Feel Healthy, Feel Strong, Feel Fit

Our physical fitness is a combination of exercise and what we eat so we have designed with our in-house chef Gina Casey, nutritious and delicious recipes exclusive to Lean With Lesley.

The ingredients are easy to get, the prep time is less than 20 minutes, they are simple to put together and will help you make the right choices on what you eat and the portion sizes that you make. I believe in eating real food regularly and often and in small portions.

It is important that our intake matches our output, that the number of calories or energy that we take into our body will burn throughout the day.

Lean With Lesley will help you do all of this.

LESLEY GILTINAN  //  Expert in Fitness & Personal Training

An expert in fitness and personal training, driven by a passion to share knowledge and experience gained over 20 years in the industry Lesley Giltinan of Vipr & Tone qualified in 2011 with The National Training Centre in Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training.

In 2012 Lesley set up Vipr & Tone. When she started her target was to fill 3 classes per week with 10 people in each class. Now 5 years later Lesley runs a full schedule of classes per week and more than 500 people make weekly visits to do a Vipr & Tone session. Business has increased and Vipr & Tone is now very successful.

Lesley is now launching LeanWithLesley a series of workout videos to suit everyone's fitness goals that are quick and effective and designed to fit in to your busy schedules. With a variety of videos to choose from Lesley's unique type of training will guarantee awesome results no matter what your level of fitness is.

What our customers keep saying

Lesley is so passionate about health and fitness it is contagious

Working out was something I used to dread but training with Lesley has changed my entire perspective on it, and it is now something I look forward to. Lesley is so passionate about health and fitness it is contagious.


The best workout class I’ve ever been to!

Lesley is amazing, the Vipr & Tone Classes are the best workout class I’ve ever been to! You will get a full body workout and work muscle you didn’t even know you had. Definitely give it a go you will see results fast.


I finished strong on a very tough marathon day

Hi Lesley, just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to you and your fabulous sessions, even once a week paid off, I finished strong on a very tough marathon day, the sense of achievement and crossing the line was amazing and my glutes and core felt good in the last 26th mile. Thanks again and fingers crossed will see you Saturday morning!


Dare to be FIT

Workout with Lesley Anytime Anywhere

Monthly Subscription

7-Day Free Trial then €9.99/month

Annual Subscription

7-Day Free Trial then €99.00/year

  • Access to the full library of videos
  • Full Body Workouts
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Best Form Tutorial videos
  • Be part of our Community


** Fitmas offer availabe until 24th of December

Frequently Asked Questions

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